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All company data data or company data stored by Denacode will not be disclosed to other
companies. All Denacode employees have an NDA agreement that prohibits information
dissemination. Normally there are no subcontractors, but all data management /
programming is done by our own personnel regarding apps and cloud services for all our
products. Exceptions are special solutions that usually run internally with our customers.

Personal data

Denacode complies with all laws relating to personal data under GDPR and other
recommendations from the Data Inspectorate. Licensee is responsible for all processing of
personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act and Denacode undertakes to treat
only contracted personal data in accordance with the agreement and instructions of the
licensee. This can be app information, message, photos and personal data such as name,
email, address, phone number and other information. Retention and deletion of data follows
the GDPR instructions given to us by the licensee (school).

Contact us

If you have any questions about the data policy, please contact us on the "Contact us" page.
Denacode AB. Tel 010-2348150

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